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Too Much Baggage

Cardboard boxes are stacked everywhere – in the hall, in the bedroom, in the kitchen. Almost everything we own that fits into a box is in a box. Except for the things we don’t need anymore. By the time you read this, hopefully we are sleeping in a new house (different, not really new). But a lot of our stuff did not make the trip. Instead, as we sorted and packed, we realized we have amassed a huge amount of stuff, we don’t need any more. Much of that stuff we didn’t even remember having. That mass of stuff filled about a dozen garbage bags – headed for the dump.

Are you storing and carrying baggage that you barely remembering having? Are you weighed down with burdens that serve no purpose but cluttering your life? Are you carrying grudges from wounds years in the past? Are you burdened with guilt that you have always tried to ignore? Maybe you are amassing tools to accomplish tasks you don’t even want to accomplish any more. Maybe it’s time for a new start. Maybe your heart is ready for spring cleaning. In Revelation 21, God promises to make his dwelling with his people. In verse 5, he says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” God wants to renew your life, your heart and your mind (Rom 12:2). Let the old useless stuff go, and embrace your home with God!