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Get The Foundation Right

Most people don’t know how install a strong fence post. After the post is in place, it should not be loose, i.e., it should not move when you push it. Rather, it should resist your weight when you push against it. The more stress the post will endure, the tighter it must be. If it’s going to hold a 14 foot gate, it needs to be extremely tight. People make two mistakes when installing fence posts: 1. They don’t dig the hole deep enough; and 2. They don’t get the dirt packed tightly enough at the bottom when refilling the hole around the post. Avoiding these problems is the most difficult part of putting in a post. Digging a hole deeper when it’s already a couple of feet below the surface is hard work. Going slow and packing a little bit of dirt at a time seems like a huge waste of time. But if you take short cuts with the foundation, the whole post will fail to serve its purpose.

The New Testament reminds us about the importance of the foundations of our lives. In Matthew 7, Jesus compares two houses that suffered a flood. One withstood and the other was destroyed. The difference? Their foundations. Jesus said hearing and acting on his word is like building on solid rock, and everything else is building on sand. Is your life built on the foundation of hearing and acting on the Word of God? Do all the aspects of your life gain strength and stability because they are natural outgrowths of the foundation of Jesus and his divine revelation? If not, you are building on sand. When the storm comes, you will be wiped out.