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The Greater Revolution

This week, we celebrate the founding of our country … the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution that followed. For our family, this means barbecue, baseball, swimming, and fireworks – with a lot of catching up and remembering and laughing. But celebrating our family history and blessings is a way to celebrate the sacrifices that made these blessings possible. Saturday, I saw a TV show recounting the history of Daniel Boone and his sacrifices during the Revolutionary War. I have long been an admirer of John Adams, and George Washington, and all the signers of the Declaration. These men made a stand, took a side, and risked their security for what they believed.

Of course, the sacrifices that were made to assist the founding of our great country pale in comparison to the sacrifice made for all sinners. The cross, and the torture leading up to the cross, was an immeasurable sacrifice. But the 33 years before the cross were also a sacrifice. Jesus also gave up the glory of heaven to live as a humble servant. While on earth, he lived without splendor or luxury, giving his time and energy for ignorant and ingrateful people. Jesus’ sacrifice is memorialized every Sunday in the Lord’s Supper. And it was his influence, the truth he taught, that spread the ideas of freedom and human dignity that led to the American Revolution. What kind of risk have you taken to stand up for forgiveness and freedom that Jesus brings? Are you part of his revolution against the forces of evil?