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What Is Truth?

Pontius Pilate was a powerful Roman governor with the final authority on whether Jesus would be crucified, or set free. During their encounter, Pilate showed the depth of the callouses that encased his heart. When Jesus confessed that Jesus is a king who came to testify to the truth, Pilate said, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). Of course, Pilate believed the truth was irrelevant, that it did not matter, that other considerations were far more important. Unfortunately, today many people believe the same.

Modern culture teaches that perception is more important than reality. Many tell themselves that what a person believes is more important than whether their beliefs are true. Many even claim to believe that truth cannot even be known. Of course, this is absurd. No one actually lives his life this way on dangerous matters. Whether your house is on fire is either absolutely true or absolutely false, and you need to know which. Either the bridge ahead of your car will hold the weight of your car, or it will not. You need to know which.

By the same token, Jesus is either a king who testified to the truth, or he was a fraud. You need to know which. Many claim to believe that Jesus is a king, but they do not act like Jesus is their king. If he is king of anything, then he is king of everything and everyone, including you. He told the truth about coming back from the grave. Jesus also promised to bring you out of your grave. That promise is either true of false. And if you are convinced it is true, you better be treating him like your king.