New Opportunities

A few months ago, the elders approached several people involved with the Education Ministry at the congregation to evaluate our Bible Class offerings. Several meetings were held and people consulted. Studying and praying followed. Then, a proposal was returned to the elders in response to their request. The proposal was a revamping of our adult Bible Class program. The elders took the proposal and crafted a new plan which is being launched this first Sunday (and Wednesday) of 2019.

The purpose of the new plan has two parts. Number one, make sure we are providing sound, faith-building Bible instruction to help everyone grow closer to God. As part of this purpose, we want to make sure our teachers have clear goals and parameters. We want the class offerings to cover a wide array of scriptures during the course of a year. And we want to have teachers and substitute teachers who are energized and engaged. Because of this, we have decreased the number of adult classes on Sunday morning to two and on Wednesday night to one. This will give some of our teachers a much-needed rest. Also, every class will be on a quarterly schedule, so we can easily pulse that helps us monitor what areas are being covered, and also seamlessly shift teachers and subjects.

Number two, we want to increase participation. Everyone needs to be actively engaged in Bible Study. If your Bible knowledge has advanced to the point that you cannot learn anything from our Bible teachers, then we need your input to make our Bible classes even better. The truth is, our class attendance is lower than it should be. This plan is to make sure that everyone has a good reason to attend class faithfully. If your Bible class participation has been lacking, please take this opportunity to reinvigorate your participation. We need you in class. And you need to be in the Word of God.