Ready for the Storm

According to the Tennessee Valley Authority, 2018 was the wettest year on record for the Tennessee River Valley. That’s the most rain in 129 years and almost 36% more than the twenty-year average. This week, our city has received more than 6 inches of rain, and more than 8 inches for the month. This is already almost double the February average. Houses in our neighborhood have flood water at their doorstep, though apparently not inside. Roads and schools have closed. Several people have drowned in storm waters. We have seen a fair share of storms.

I confess that I have gotten tired of unusually frequent rain. As soon as I acknowledge my feelings, I feel guilty because I know that rain is necessary and a blessing from God. In truth, the changes in seasons, and the movement from sunny days to rainy days are all blessings. Too many of either causes problems, or at least would cause our landscape to change.

The Bible teaches that similar to sun and rain, Jesus provides the right amount of what we need. Behold, a king will reign righteously And princes will rule justly. 2Each will be like a refuge from the wind And a shelter from the storm, Like streams of water in a dry country, Like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land” (Isaiah 32:1-2). Whether is the water of life, shelter from the torrent, or shade from the heat, Jesus provides for your needs. Are you seeking his protection?