God's Best Surprise for You

God’s Best Surprise for You

Col 1:25–29

I. Mystery
A. V. 26 hidden from ages and generations
1. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever gotten?
a. Red Nissan Sentra for Christmas
2. What’s it going to be like when we get there? = mystery
3. After you’ve gone, no longer a mystery – then you know
4. Once the surprise was given, it’s no longer a surprise/mystery
B. V. 26 Now manifested to his saints – no longer hidden
1. V. 27 riches of the glory of this mystery
a. It’s a great surprise – unbelievably good
b. Better than anything you could imagine
C. What’s the surprise/mystery = Christ in you
1. Word of God, fully disclosed, summarized
2. V. 27 riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles
3. V. 28 so that we may present every man complete in Christ
4. Jesus came for everybody – to save everybody, to change everybody, to be with everybody
D. Mt 1:23
1. Jn 14:23
2. Re 3:20
3. The Ancient of Days became an infant
a. The King of Heaven lived as a pauper
b. The voice of creation accepted mocking and abuse
c. The Almighty let them shackle and beat and crucify him
4. What if Peyton Manning were coming to your house – big surprise
5. Is Jesus at your house

II. Christ In You – What Does that Mean?
A. Ga 2:20
1. Does Jesus live through you? Do you live by faith?
B. How Does That Work?
1. Col 1:25
2. Word of God, mystery revealed, is Christ
a. inseparable from Paul’s preaching, NT epistles
b. Puts Christ within us
3. Glory of changes gospel brings about
a. Culminates in reward in heaven itself
1. Perfected in unity – glory of a team/group effort
2. Whole campaign shares glory of election
3. Whole country shares glory of Olympic team victory
4. V. 20 believe through their word
5. V. 26 love may be in them and I in them
a. Faith, unity, and love

III. What Kind of Glory Do You Hope For?
A. Character of Glory: shining brilliance
1. People want to be near you, experience your presence
2. Treat you as special and important
3. 1 Cor 15:41-43
B. Special Talent = Michael Jackson, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps
D. Goodness = love, devotion, bravery, sacrifice
1. Power of seeing happy families interact, encourage, protect
2. Soldiers showing bravery and sacrifice in battle – Seal Team 6
3. People to endure great hardship for good of others
4. Declaration Indep., Clara Barton – Red Cross, MLK, Ghandi
E. Fullness of blessing in God’s presence
1. 2 Co 3:18
2. Moses saw God’s back – face shone w/ glory – Ex 34
a. Glory of God rubs off – same with serving Christ
b. Looking more like Christ
3. v. 28 complete in Christ – perfect
a. waiting for complete righteousness, perfectly immortal bodies
b. sharing in the rewards of Christ
1. 17 fellow heirs with Christ
a. Children of the King – Prince William, Prince Harry
2. 19 revealing of the sons of God
a. Glory of association – everyone associated w/ Apollo program
b. Everyone who attended Ivy League
c. Just being in family, on team, brings glory
3. 21 set free from slavery to corruption
a. 23 adoption as sons, the redemption of our body
b. Perfection
4. 24-25 “hope” 5x – propels us forward, motivates us