Lay Down Your Weapons

Lay Down Your Weapons

Armistice Day
11-11-1918 at 11:11 a.m. – end of WWI
19 Cent. Military techniques using 20th Cent. Weaponry
Fighting in trenches lined w/ bodies for months
Pioneered poison gas that would float downhill
The war to end all wars
Catchphrase, later used cynically
WWII began 1939
Other wars in Russian, Eastern Europe, etc. began in less than one year
Heavy Reparations
Often blamed for Germany’s economic problems, rise of Nazis, WWII

I. Aggression Does Not Bring You Peace
A. Mt 5:38–42
1. Tacitus quoting Roman enemy: they make a wasteland and call it peace
2. Jesus says if they attack your body, don’t give them your spirit
3. If they provoke you, they control you
B. Lk 6:31–37
C. Ro 12:17–21
1. 1 Co 6:7
2. 1 Th 5:15
3. 1 Pe 3:8–9

II. Jesus Is Our Peace
A. Our Reparations already paid
B. Ro 5:1
C. Eph 2:13–19
1. Jew and Gentile
2. Allies and Axis
3. Democrat and Republican
4. Fleshly self and Spiritual self

III. Peace That Passes All Comprehension
A. Php 4:6–7
B. Peace during grief and disappointment
1. 1 Th 4:13–14
C. Peace while being attacked
1. Php 1:28–29
D. Peace when lonely and weak
1. 2 Co 12:10

IV. Opportunity to Help Others Find Peace
A. Mt 5:9
B. 2 Co 5:20


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