What If Obedience Doesn't Make Sense?

What If Obedience Doesn’t Make Sense?

2 Kings 5:1–14

How do you think God feels about arrogance in spiritual matters?

I. Naaman Thought He Was Important
A. 2 Ki 5:5
B. Did any of that save him?
1. Money
a. Talent = 3,000 shekels
b. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos
2. Power – Political influence
a. V. 1 great man, highly respected
b. Letter from one king to another
c. King of Israel let him present his petition – access
d. Contractor who demanded senator Sasser take his call
3. Courage
a. v. 1 valiant warrior
b. Redeemed way we treat veterans
c. Michelle’s dad never even talked about service with neighbor

II. Why Does Elisha Offer to Help the King?
A. 7
B. Why does he offer to help an Aramean?
1. Former friends of David and Solomon
2. Now becoming an enemy –full attack in coming chapters
3. Attacked Elisha personally – ch. 6 – struck blind
C. 5:1 by him the Lord had given victory to Aram
1. God wanted to use Aram to teach Israel to trust him
2. Wanted Aram to know he was in charge, not they
D. Why Does Elisha Not Even Meet Face to Face?
1. 2 Ki 5:9–10
2. Didn’t want to support Naaman’s self-importance
3. Jas 4:6 But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

III. Naaman Wanted Salvation On His Own Terms
A. 2 Ki 5:10–12
1. According to his expectations/vision
B. Obedience led to Faith
1. 2 Ki 5:15–17
2. Obedience Is Indispensable
C. Preacher: To Understand Why, First Comply
1. Often we only comply when it makes sense to us
2. Which comes first, proof or obedience?
3. Which one is actual faith?
a. Difference between faith and knowledge
4. Doing what God says when it doesn’t make sense to you
a. Once you do, you will receive blessings and contentment
5. Once he was healed, Naaman didn’t care why or how

IV. Consider Where You May Be Arrogant
A. Refuse to cooperate b/c you believe you know better
1. That urge of conscience saying you know this is not Bible
2. Offered a job that conflicts with scripture
3. Hanging with friends who are doing sinful things
4. Giving spouse/family member silent treatment
B. Think about it and pray about it
1. Ask God to help you obey
2. Confess you don’t want to obey, try to justify your different decision, and are tempted to disobey
3. Pray for courage to submit to God’s instruction
C. Evaluate what happens after you do
1. How do you feel?
2. How has the issue changed?
3. Have you been blessed as a result?
D. What if everyone did what God said even when we thought it didn’t make sense
1. What kind of healing would we see?


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