Ladies Bible Class

Note: Our Ladies Class takes a summer break each year. Regular meetings will resume in the fall.

The Ladies Class at Mountain Creek meets once weekly for about 1.5 hours to engage in Bible study and prayer. The mission of this group of dedicated Christian ladies is not only to study Scripture together but to apply its directives by serving others on an ongoing basis and as needs arise. Examples of these activities are: preparation and delivery of trays of home-cooked meals/holiday baskets once monthly to our members who are in fragile health; sending cards on various occasions; provision of break room treats for local school teachers and firemen; provision of snacks to 1 ER and 2 cancer treatment waiting rooms once a month; provision of assistance to local schools on special requests (ex: children in need of school uniforms); provision of postage stamps to women in prison at holiday season; and doing a project with the Mt. Creek youth group girls in conjunction with the food tray preparation.